How did I come into being?

24 Aug 2016 • dusicka

Marina Submarina: Marka, I have a simple question: „How did I come into being?“

Marka Staviarska: You have actually been in my head for many years. I was still a kid. You were „a little girl with crayons“ back then because I loved drawing. But I never wrote about you because I had a plan than once I have my own baby, I will write a book for children during my maternity leave. And then Marina was born, not the one in the book, and my mum walked about the apartment and merrily rhymed: “Marina – submarina, Marina – submarina!” and then I said to myself it had to be you! But not with crayons. This time with a script and director’s megaphone. Because I graduated in film production in the meantime.