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25 Jul 2016 • dusicka

Fun and adventure! Story of Marina Submarina in the book, quizzes and games!

Book Marina Submarina – How do you make a movie when you aren’t a grown-up

All adventures that Marina experienced during the shooting of her movie are waiting for you in the illustrated book. You will learn why her grandpa advised her to picture that people had long noses reaching to the ground, why mum threw a bag of sweets out of the window and why something can be shot at two various places. There is a quiz for you after every chapter – you will hear how loud the applause for you would be if people saw your movie!



Director, Oscar and Premiere quiz

There are three quizzes prepared for you. You will find out in the Director Quiz what position you could have in the film crew. You will win golden statuettes like in Hollywood in the Oscar Quiz and do your best in the Premiere Quiz! The better you are, the bigger applause you get!



Memory game Filmmaking Equipment and Memory game Characters From the Book

Director and everyone from the film crew should have a good memory. So that they don’t forget, that they haven’t shot the end of the movie, for example... Try this: Play the memory game on your own a few times and after a great deal of practice, call your brother, friend or mum and challenge them to beat you! You will be invincible!


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