Marka Staviarska

Marka graduated from Film Production and Distribution at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Later on, she and Zuzka founded a production company and a publishing house Zum Zum production and decided to make great movies. A little bit later, her baby girl was born and her mum asked her: “Marka, didn’t you want to write a book for children?” And she was right. She did. And so, she wrote Marina Submarina.

Adela Režná

Zuzka knew Adela and since she and Marka were looking for someone who would illustrate Marina Submarina, she asked her: “Adela, could you draw a girl who wants to be a sailor and then shoot a film about it?” Adela drew Marina and Zuzka and Marka loved her so much that they said in one voice: “Could you please draw many pictures for the whole book and app?” And so she did.

Zuzka Dušičková

And Zuzka loved the text from Marka and illustrations from Adela so much, that she said, that they would publish the book by themselves and make also an app with quizzes and games to spread it into the world. And so they did.


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“We love working with Zum Zum production!“

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